• Marchel’le McMiller-Randle, MSW, LGSW

    Is your child or teen experiencing challenges with coping, school-related issues, lacking engagement or simply needing extra support or a safe space to explore their emotions? Has your child or teen struggling with the increase of societal challenges of the past couple of years, including the stress of the pandemic? Have you noticed a difference in how your child or teen communicates with you or others? Transitions can be difficult; you and your child/teen deserve support. Therapy can provide and empower your child or teen with tools and coping skills to overcome the challenges of uncertain times.
    With 10 years of experience, I am skilled in connecting with and passionate about supporting children and teens (ages 5-17) in becoming their best self. Through Strengths-Based Perspective, Unconditional Positive Regard, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I promote healing and growth through talk or play therapy.
    I am here to support your child/teen in a non-judgmental and culturally responsive way by fostering a brave and open space. I will follow the lead of your child/teen by taking a Client-Centered approach to understanding their need for care. I look forward to working with your child/teen in their therapeutic journey.