• Rule 25 Assesment

    A huge step in recovery from any addiction issue is realizing that a person needs help.

    Unfortunately, some people, regardless of desire, lack the financial resources to get professional treatment. Luckily, in Minnesota a person who meets certain financial hardship criteria can get their professional treatment paid for.

    In Minnesota, this process is known as Rule 25.

    Steps Involved in a Minnesota Rule 25 Assessment

    The Minnesota Rule 25 Assessment is a standardized process that includes a one to one session with a licensed clinician. This process includes the clinician asking questions that span 6 dimensions.

    These 6 dimensions include:

    • Risk of intoxication and/or withdrawal
    • Biomedical health issues
    • Emotional, behavioral, and cognitive issues
    • A person’s readiness for change
    • Risk for relapse and/or continued substance use
    • Recovery environment

    At the conclusion of the assessment, the clinician usually takes 3-7 days to complete all of the associated paperwork. Once the process is finished, the clinician gives a recommendation. This recommendation can include the need for professional treatment.

    People Who Can Receive Rule 25 Funding Assistance

    These individuals include:

    • People who believe they have an issue with substance use but are unable to afford treatment
    • Individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)—This refers to the effects occurring to someone whose mother consumed alcohol during pregnancy.

    Any person wanting more information on funding assistance can contact their MN Department of Human Services county representatives. All of the 87 counties in Minnesota are mandated for providing Rule 25 assessments to anyone requesting it as well as for people who have been ordered to get a chemical use assessment.